Village Voice’s “Best Jam Band New York 2014”

Best Jam Band New York 2014 – TAUK

An award and article from Village Voice
October 15, 2014

TAUK is a dirty, funky foursome whose just-released album Collisions is like a long-form math equation we don’t quite understand all the time — but when we do, it makes us feel smarter for having figured it out. “We took the things we liked from the last record and expanded on them,” guitarist and main TAUK-er Matt Jalbert says of the album. “There’s more texture, more groove….We’ve grown a lot since our last release, and this album is a really great snapshot of where we are now as a band.” Where they are now, much like on prior releases, is instrumental and deeply groove-oriented. But now there’s a little more progressive rock thrown in with the Phish food — a touch more melodic fusion. That’s due in part to Grammy-winning producer Robert Carranza (Mars Volta, Jack Johnson), whose hand (and expert ears) helped guide Collisions into an album that captures the essence of Tauk’s much-heralded and entrancing live shows.