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TAUK – A Zephyr of Sound

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Review and Photos by Kimberly Annette July 22, 2014

TAUK’s derivative instrumental sound is a fresh intricately woven tapestry of funky beats and synthesized tonality, mixed with the eclectic purity of a well rooted guitar. Their instrumental jams are comparable to a juggernaut riding the evening zephyr through a stratosphere of sound, thoroughly fun, full, engaging and captivatingly talented.

This excitingly cool instrumental quartet who’s originality continues to be refreshing and exciting is comprised of Matt Jalbert (Guitar), Charlie Dolan (Bass), Alric “A.C.” Carter (Keyboards/Organ), and Isaac Teel (Drums).

Jalbert, Dolan and A.C. have played together since middle school so the three as you can tell by their music are tight. Add into the mix the syncopated rhythms of Teel, who joined the band in late 2011 early 2012 and the sound of TAUK awakes fully alive and ready for the world. Because the guys started together at such a young age their talent obviously shines but now with the maturity of age brings wisdom and personal depth which translates in the development of creative uniqueness for the band TAUK.

Recently TAUK made a trip to Los Angeles to finish up the recording of their new album Collisions. After the last track was mixed and finished we caught up with the guys, who had landed at The Mint for a quick gig. The Mint’s rich history in the Los Angeles music scene stems back decades and has been host to some of the coolest cats in the biz. Greats like Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles, or more recently Macy Gray and The Wallflowers, so it is easy to see why TAUK would be welcome at The Mint.

The purity of the straight instrumentals opens a door to another world, a place where cares are forgotten on a ride that is sweeping and intoxicating. The last couple songs on TAUK’s setlist that night were two favorites and as always this night was no different. When the band delved into The Beatles tune, “She’s So Heavy” it raised the bar, the guys owned it as if they had written it themselves, building to false endings and a reprise coda. With each false ending they launched back in sucking every listener in the place deeper into the powerful violence of the music. The masterful adaptation of  “She’s So Heavy” ends to the overwhelmingly loud cheers and applause of everyone in the club. But they weren’t finished yet that was just a tease as the guys led into the final song, an original off their last album Homunculus, “In the Basement of the Alamo.”

“In the Basement of the Alamo” from the beginning is a force to be reckoned with. Dolan starts the song with a hard driving funky rock bassline laying a path for the masterful synthesized keys of Carter. When Jalbert lets it all loose on his well-worn Gibson 335 Semi-Hollow body it’s a thing of beauty. All the while Teel’s snare with its rock infused rat-a-tat-tat-tat, drives the momentum as the volume crests and the music turns. The once full speed ahead drive falls into a mellow melodic mix and then back to full throttle. By the time “In the Basement of the Alamo” is completed TAUK has transported the listening observer through a colorful multi-layered geometric kaleidoscope of sound.

If you are ready for something different, something new and exciting, something solid and fun, then check out TAUK and catch a flight on an evening zephyr through the eye of a kaleidoscope and get lost in the music. Whether live or digital download find your way to the soul of TAUK’s music you won’t regret it!

Collisions is set to release today, Tuesday, July 22nd and available on iTunes. Let the ride begin.