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Homunculus Connections

An article from Relix Magazine
by Grace Beehler on August 30, 2013

“Being in a band is so much more than a collective of good musicians playing through songs,” says Charlie Dolan, bassist of the New York quartet TAUK. “It’s about being a group with a single message that everyone portrays together, musically, physically and emotionally.”

Though a relatively young group, these words of wisdom come from playing together since middle school. TAUK’s newest album, Homunculus, reflects inspirational jazz greats and avant-garde bands like MMW and the Benevento-Russo Duo – guitar solos sear through the layers of smooth piano and steady drums, oscillating between mellow jazz and electronic rock. But what’s impressive about this band (Dolan, alongside Alric Carter, Matt Jalbert and Isaac Teel) is that they sound like themselves. They pull from their influences, yet still create their own personality and sound. And though the quartet has deep connections in the industry, they’ve learned that music is a grassroots experience. “We have come to realize that we’re only going to get as far as we’re willing to take it,” Dolan states. “The most important thing we learned is how essential it is to connect with the people listening, both on and offstage. The fans are the only ones who can give you success, when it comes down to it.”