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Album and Photo Review – COLLISIONS Release Party


An article from Grateful Music
by Randy Harris on July 31, 2014
Photos by Mike Geller

New York City quartet TAUK is the talk of the town these days. Consisting of Matt Jalbert (guitar), Charlie Dolan (bass), Alric “A.C.” Carter (keyboards, organ), and Isaac Teel (drums), three of the four members have been playing together since middle school, with the addition of Teel on drums filling in the blanks. Besides rocking festivals and venues across the U.S. and gradually building up a respectable following, dubbed “Staukers,” the band recently hit us with the brand new full-length album Collisions. The album is a follow-up to their 2013 debut Homunculus and was produced by Grammy-winner Robert Carranza (Mars Volta, Jack Johnson). This album can be generally summed up with two words: energy and emotion. Arguably the two most important qualities in a band, Tauk has brought these two aspects of music to a new level. Collisions sees TAUK at a massive launching point in their young career. The skillful fusion of sounds combined with swelling bursts of emotion, crafty, energetic build-ups and progressive song structure culminates in a strong, tightly stitched album. The opening track, “Friction,” starts off with an appropriately spacey intro, as funky bass licks and airy guitar tones lead into a simple, but tight and groovy verse, setting the tone for most of the record. While almost all of the songs tend to have similar descriptions as to the genre and sounds incorporated, the progressive structures and continuity of the album keep listeners constantly grooving the whole way through. From slower, spacey sections to upbeat, funky dance grooves, each track keeps its own identity firmly intact. The album seems to be primarily led by Matt Jalbert’s elaborate guitar work, but that is definitely not to say that the rest of the band does not play an integral role. Dolan’s bass work refuses to stay put as he winds his way up and down the neck. Carter’s versatility in all of the unique sounds and styles offered by keyboards and organs opens up the songs, and his beautifully melodic chord work blasts off the build-ups into surges of instrumental emotion. Last, but certainly not least, Teel’s strong, dynamic drumming completes the circle, demanding leadership of the band. His style speaks very loudly, keeping listeners on their feet and the band tight and unwavering. TAUK’s unmatched brand of progressive, instrumental rock-funk fusion simply demands to be noticed. The resulting live experience takes on everything that attendees in the live music scene want. It is funky, groovy and, most of all, it is impossible not to dance to. As the band continues to blow up festivals (Lockn’, Catskill Chill, Bear Creek) and venues (supporting bands such as Papadosio, The New Mastersounds, Orgone and Big Something), TAUK will continue to gain followers, and we will see much more out of the New York quartet in the very near future. Collisions was released on July 22, 2014 and is available for purchase via the band’s website and major outlets such as Amazon and iTunes.

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